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Tagore Mission Institute Of Pharmacy, A College of Pharmacy, we take care every individual students and it is our aim to provide the best possible environment in which students can succeed. Our college is growing with D.Pharm , with first-class teaching facilities which are 5 Acres lush green campus.We are fortunate to have a qualified, talented, highly committed faculty members which makes the learning environment of our students is the best it can be. The likelihood of achieving this is strengthened by the fact that we offer an academic program with an Clinical exposure, visiting and performing live projects in Pharma industry. We encourage high academic standards and have high expectations of personal discipline and motivation from our students. Which are the keys to success in our student's life after the course completion. I believe that quality of Medicine plays vital role in treating any disease. The pharmacist, Master of drugs and Medicines must be taught standard international methodology.The Department of Pharmacy's mission is to provide high quality pharmaceutical care to our patients in an atmosphere of educational growth,shared respect and communication.

Your health comes first. You expect medicines; we give you personal care. The pharmacy with new tech. Offering more than just medicine.

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We provide Diploma in Pharmacy. Diploma in Pharmacy is a 2-year-long career-oriented, diploma course. Students who wish to pursue a long-term career in the medical field of pharmaceutical sciences, and start a career in the pharmaceutical industry, can take admission to the D Pharma course.

Our Faculties

  • Hepsiba Pavani Cheeli - Principal
  • Dinesh Appikonda - Faculty
  • Kolipakula Venkatesh - Faculty
  • Anupam Adhikary - Faculty
  • Manoj Bhairi - Faculty
  • Nandipati Swamy - Faculty
  • Shreya Mukherjee - Faculty
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Historically, accuracy and safety in the compounding and dispensing of medicines have been the most important values for pharmacists. A pharmacist shouid have:

  • Skills and qualities
  • a high level of scientific knowledge.
  • sensitivity, tact and discretion when dealing with patients, customers, Doctors and other health professionals.
  • a strong sense of responsibility.
  • attention to detail and a thorough, methodical approach when dealing with prescriptions and preparing medicines.

The philosophy of pharmacist should have a set of core tenets have been developed to define pharmacy's philosophy of practice, which include meeting a societal need, assuming responsibility for optimizing medication use, embracing a patient-centered approach, caring through an ongoing patient-pharmacist relationship, and working as a collaborative.

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